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C : CHUMBAWAMBA : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Nadzeroon El Babo

Nadzeroon El Babo

Chap. de terre... make the fighting... six...
Nadzeroon el babo
Last of the wizards
Living in his last retreat
Living in the retreating rain forests of
Dallemandia africa
Dallemandia africa
Dallemandia africa
If we are to believe the forestry corporation
Nadzeroon was your typical pessimistic stick
Stuck in mud
Wood a piece of
Give his opinion
Mind, when you asked
'listen, peep. I'm not your wizard. your wizards, magicians, and kings live out there--bank managers, bureaucrats, and generals. look around you, see what they do to the forest. we have ourselves, peep, and each other, and that's all. this earth belongs to us as to everyone, and it's up to us to stand our ground like the giant mahogany, where our roots draw most strength. the forest needs me, peep, I cannot come with you. return to scare city, and there you will find the moneylith where man and his kind worships. only you can know what to do. share your knowledge, you'll find a way. peoplekind be with you. farewell.'

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