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Текст песни Today's Sermon

Today's Sermon

And now, the reverend abraham meekly, saver of souls
Though they broke my legs
They gave me a crutch to walk
Though they broke my legs
They gave me a crutch to walk
Though they broke my legs
They gave me a crutch to walk
Their laws to guide me
And a crutch to walk
Brothers and sisters, I have sinned more than sinning, I have been away these last four long years, but now I am returned to the fold to be among my flock. I come as humble shepherd embodied by the almighty, the power above, the power which is in me. because I am reborn, brothers and sisters, I am living proof that government saves. brothers and sisters, I want you to show our faith in the powers that be, for we are the true believers. I want you to come forward together, come to me, and let us feel the power of the cross. today's lesson, stay in your homes except on thursday, do not stray from the path, as our signpost says, you can't miss it really, and we're open all day. now there's no need to rush, we've got plenty of pencils for everyone. now there're collecting tins for ordinations, check, credit card facilities are payable, government savings, stickers and badges on sale, t-shirts in small, medium, or large, all at competitive prices. put a down-payment on your place in heaven
, and buy me another four
Years, brothers and sisters. dance wherever you may be, I am the lord of the dance said she. and if you don't dance, we have ways of making you dance. government be with you!

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