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Текст песни Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary

(hail mary)
No virgin me for I have sinned
I sold my soul for sex and gin
Go call a priest all meek and mild
And tell him, 'mary is no more a child'
It's raining stones, it's raining bile
From the luxury of your denial
So I don't deny, I don't make do
I'll press alarms, place bets on truth
I'm so up and down, and I love what's not allowed
I was lost, now I see
And now I'm growing old disgracefully
Whatever happened to mary?
Whatever happened to
(hail mary)
I'll spit on floors, and do more drugs
Burn every bill, get drunk on love
Wear next to nothing in the pouring rain
Be a bad example and do it all again
I'll be uncareful, I'll cause such scenes
And I'll never talk of used-to-be's
Tattoo my face, I won't go gray
Be a dancing queen, I'm growing old disgracefully
(repeat chorus)
Mary, mary, mary, quite contrary
(yram liah)

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