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Текст песни Shock! Horror!

Shock! Horror!

'forward with braitain!' with the daily mirror
'the facts not the fiction' boasts the star
The fact is that attacks on asians and blacks
By people who read this racist crap
Are higher than ever before
--but you won't find that in the star
Shock! horror!
In the pages of the sun you're alright if you're white
And not gay, or irish, or out on strike.
Toilet paper to serve the nation
'those filthy asians! and rastafarians!'
Prejudice in the daily express
Wapping lies all over the times
And the molotov which burnt out the shop
Had a screwed-up daily mail
Stuck inside the top
All hail the patriot who always buys
These government-sponsored media lies
Who spends each lunch-break getting filled with shit
Who pays for it, and who believes in it...
Shock! horror!

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