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Текст песни House Plants

House Plants

But it's shit we don't see it though we watch it on the telly
Every day
We give our heroes license to kill in reality
Just like on tv
And we wish we were in his shoes 'cos he gets all the girls
Treats them as property
A pile of shit we don't see it, though we watch it on telly
Every day
That's an electrode in our front rooms a house plant
Pumping in signals
Only five feet from being an implant
Pumping in signals
How often do we leave it switched on?
Channel s.h.1.t.
How often do we sit there switched off?
Staring at it blindly?
Jane's dad closed the book
'not another peep out of you tonight,' he whispered
'it's not fair,' thought jane, 'why's it always the boys who get to do the exciting things? '

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