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Текст песни The Rise & Fall & Rise of Greavsie

The Rise & Fall & Rise of Greavsie

So, greavsie, well, what about the black lads gettin' bananas thrown at em?
Well, it seems a bit unfortunate, I mean, uh, uh
Sitting on the bench, he starts another drink
Drowning his sorrows watching geoff hurst's hat-trick
The pressures of success led him to the bottle
Now famous for his drinking, when once it was his football
Now a tv personality, I see him every week
If only he was as clever with his mouth
As he was with his feet
The songs about critical, what you think about that
I'm not saying, I mean, it seems a bit unfair on me, I mean I've only had me breakfast
Ah ha ha, you'll be the death of my, greavsie

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