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B : BABYFACE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Secrets


Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons, jermaine jackson (1991)
Performed by jermaine jackson

Tell me somethin' girl, somethin' I don't know
Somethin' deep within', the things you've never told before
Break your promise girl, whisper in my ear
You see it's safe with me, you don't need to have no fear
Ooh take me with you and I'll let you show me your world
Once I've discovered, I never will reveal your

Secrets girl
I want to be in on your
Secrets girl
Oh won't you tell me
Let me know your

Show me somethin' girl, no one else can see
Your mystical mirage, somethin' they would not believe
Tell me does it last, or will it disappear
Tell me, tell me more, eveything I want to hear
Oh won't you take me, I've gotto be there with you
Yes you can trust me, I promise not to tell you


Tell me what you're thinkin' about
Why you wanna know
I know you're keeping something from me, aren't you
Well tell me this, is it me that's on your mind?
I'm not telling you
Well tell me someting
What is that you just can't tell me
I gotta know
Just tell me a little, just a little bit
No, never, you'll never know my secret

I can't believe that it's a, a love oasis baby
Now that you've shown me
I promise not to tell your

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