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Текст песни The Best of Love

The Best of Love

Written by michael bolton, babyface (1997)
Performed by michael bolton

I got this somethin' to tell you
There ain't no doubt in my mind
All I'm askin' is to keep you near forever
Just 'till the end of time

Baby, I know, where love grows
And my heart is overflowin'
You're so fine and so true
I wanna spend my time, spend my time with you, baby

I've got the best of love
With every breath and every beat of my heart
You know you've got me by my deepest emotion
'cause you keep givin' me the best of love

Passion and sweet inspiration
So rare and so hard to find
You are my journey and my destination
Queen of this heart of mine

Baby, I know, where love grows
In my life is overflowin'
You're so fine and so true
I know I've got it all, all because of you, baby


With every moment that passes by
This love goes on
It keeps growin' stronger
And the more we're together
The best keeps gettin' better, baby

Hook 3 times

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