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Текст песни Seven Whole Days

Seven Whole Days

Written by babyface, l.a. reid (1993)
Performed by toni braxton

Seven whole days
And not a word from you
Seven whole nights
I'm just about through
I can't take it, won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you
I'd rather be on my own
Yes on my own

You know if you cared anything about love
You would have been front and center
Lovin' me and touchin' me
You know if you knew anything about me
You would have been much more tender
Ooh squeezin' me, caressin' me

You could have had about anything you wanted
But you messed it up
You had to be tough
You told your friends
You had me wrapped around your finger
You were talking kinda cocky
Like you had it goin' on
All the while you knew
That things were kind of shaky
You knew that you were wrong
Dead wrong to be
Mistreating me
How can we go on


You know if you knew anything about sweet
You would have been talkin' to me everyday
Seven days a week
You should have been givin' me
A little more time
But you were just much too busy
Abusin' me and usin' me

I would have done about anything you wanted
I was there for you
I was crazy about you
When I was sittin' thinkin'
I was kind of special
You were runnin' round
Hittin' every other girl in town
How could you love me
When you knew you played me funny
You knew that you were wrong
Dead wrong to be
Mistreating me
How can we go on


Deep in my heart
You were number one to start
But then you changed
You threw my heart away
Told your friends that
You were runnin' thangs
Why'd it have to be that way
You're wrong
Dead wrong
Tell me how
How can we go wrong


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