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B : BABYFACE : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Whatever


Written by babyface, giuliano franco, keith andes (1997)
Performed by en vogue

I'm liking you too much
Don't take advantage of
My tender heart and everything about me
In giving you my trust
I'm giving you my love
So do take care, please be gentle with my heart

'cause everything I do is 'bout you, baby
Baby, I don't wanna be apart, ooh
I've been loving you from the start
Here's my heart, here's my heart
Everything I do is all about you, baby

Whatever you do
Whatever you think
I look in your eyes
You don't know how my heart aches
Whatever you say, whatever could mean
You're breaking my heart

I want it all the time, I want it every night
I cant stop thinking, can't stop thinking about you
I'm burning with desire, my heart and soul on fire
So do take care, please be careful with my heart

Anything you do, I crave it, baby, baby, baby
I can't get you outta my mind
Loving you I can't deny you're in my heart
Deep inside, everything I do is all about you, baby


I maybe a fool for you, baby
Well, I can't help myself
Maybe I'm too in love
What else can I do but go crazy
For your love, boy, I'd give anything

Hook 3 times

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