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T : TOTAL : Kina Keisha & Pam

Kina Keisha & Pam
Текст песни What About Us?

What About Us?

(featuring black rob)
Intro by puffy:
I like the way it's goin' down,
I ain't done a remix in a long time.
I like to make it hot,
I like to make it real hot, black rob.

Rap by black rob:
Hey yo, who dat comin' through my block like that,
Oh, nobody but that bad boy cat.
What's his name, black rob, y'all heard dukes was famous,
Money talks, puffy joints with total is hot.
The latest was bangin' in the club like oh my god,
I be wishin' that them honeys come through my hood.
Take a different approach, just play, respect the coach,
That's black, and since I'm rollin' with total that's that.

Verse one:
Baby, I seen you with another lady,
I just finished having your baby,
Why'd you have to go, go and leave me?
Baby, you know I'm about to be swazy,
I can't stand my lover being shady,
Why'd you have to go, go and leave me?

What about you?
What about me?
What about us?
What we gon' do?
Total help me sing, total help me sing.
What about you?
What about me?
What about us?
What we gon' do?

Verse two:
Baby, I know that you've been pimpin',
Mister baller, trickin',
Why you have to go, go and leave me?
Baby, I always been your baby,
Love make a girl go crazy,
I can't understand why you left me...uum-hmm.

Repeat chorus

I remember we used to spend countless nights,
We were the best of friends.
Our love could have been one that never ends,
Whatever happened to us?

Rap by black rob:
Hey yo, what about you, what about me,
I'm tryin' to get dough nothing comes for free.
And I know you like the way black play and parlay...
...or I ain't gon' spit one verse.
Y'all don't want me to rise, go into first,
Rather see me face down in the back of a hearse.
Well I refuse to lose till I'm battered and bruised,
Still managed to get my grill on the six o'clock news...
...spittin' false information I know gon' lead exact to your camp
Black rob heavyweight champ,
When I strike i'ma leave behind the bad boy stamp.

Repeat chorus to fade

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