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T : TOTAL : Kina Keisha & Pam

Kina Keisha & Pam
Текст песни I Tried

I Tried

You know, if you're not going to listen to me,
Then there's no need for us to talk.
(why, oh why did you do it)
I'm being a friend by telling you this,
Wait, wait, I know there's nothing I could say,
Or could do to go back,
But honestly I tried.
I tried to stay away from him,
But you just kept bringing him 'round.
(you were sleeping with my baby)
And I don't know, something about his eyes,
I'm sorry.
(why, oh why did you do it)
I tried to block him out of my mind,
(I thought you was a friend)
But it just wouldn't go away.
So if you're gonna phone anybody,
(i'ma phone you)
I think I'm the person you wanna talk to.
(why oh why)
You can talk to me,
(I can't talk)
We share the same ideas.
(I can't talk to you)
We share the same love for the same man,
(no we don't, you've been creepin' with my man)
And all I can say is, I tried.
(you ain't tried, you ain't tried)
May the best woman win
(I will win, 'cause I'm the best thing for him)

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