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T : TOTAL : Kina Keisha & Pam

Kina Keisha & Pam
Текст песни Move Too Fast

Move Too Fast

Rap by missy elliott:
I break your bones and your bristles,
Get high like a missile,
Blow 'em like a whistle.
Buck my thangs like a pistol,
Bang, bang, let me hear total sing,
Swing-a-ding-a-ling, okay I swing my booty.
They kinda rock in my '98 drop-top,
Stop the car, n*ggas look at my head bop,
Hit me off with that new total rock, that new total rock.

Verse one:
I like my man looking cute in some boots,
Dirty boots, tommy jeans, baggy jeans,
With some cream if you know what I mean.
Boy you move too fast.
He drive a truck he can thump,
Smokin' skunk in the seats of his jeep,
But he's fresh 'cause a nigga feelin' on my knee.

Boy you move too fast,
Get your foot up off the gas,
Don't be feelin' on my ass.
(the new total rock)
(repeat x2)

Verse two:
My man in the club, looking thug,
He's a thug, a fly guy from the south side,
And he wanna kick it with me.
Beep-beep...vrrrmm hey yo, hey yo, hey yo.
He's on the cell phone,
The boys from the bronx,
Should I be going boy, with my booty.

Repeat chorus

Rap by missy:
Mamasey mamasa mamakusa,
Total is the best you heard this far,
Maybe we smoke too much buddha,
If you say #!*@ me I say #!*@ y'all.
(repeat x2)

Outro by missy:
Another hit from total - keisha, kima, pam,
Ain't nothin' but the bad girls bangin' on,
You know what I'm sayin'.
Me I'm supa fly, me supa fly, supa dupa fly,
One two, one two,
The new total rock,
And you don't stop,
Take it to the tippy-tippy top.

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