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T : TOTAL : Kina Keisha & Pam

Kina Keisha & Pam
Текст песни Trippin'


(featuring missy elliott)
Intro by puffy:
Bad boy ninety-eight,
Total, kima, keisha, pam.
Missy, talk to me, yeah, yeah yeah.

Rap by missy:
Bad boy, bad boy, my mic sounds nice, check one,
Bad boy, my mic sounds nice, check two.
P.u.f.f., I'm gon' make 'em go deaf,
Make you say who dat, dem total bytches, bad asses,
Kima, keisha and pam, oh sh*t, God damn.
She can cram it or slam it,
Damn right i'ma jam it.

Verse one:
Baby, you sure is bumpin',
You sure is somethin',
See I won't trade you for nothing.
See everything you do to me,
You got me trippin',
And I'm satisfied, let's guarantee.

I hope you, that you've been checkin' me,
I know what you're talkin' 'bout,
Got me trippin' on my own feet.
You got me buggin' boy,
You bring me so much joy,
You got me open boy,
And i'ma save myself for you.
(repeat x2)

Verse two:
Baby, there's one thing I mentioned,
Me and her, la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la,
See she's no competition.
So tell her that you're through with her,
And you're in love with me,
That's totally,
And you're dedicated to me.

Repeat chorus

Baby, there's one thing I mentioned,
No, no, no,
See she's no competition.

I won't quit it, 'til I get it, 'til I get it,
I'll admit it, I'm in love,
You got me, sh*t you got me.
(repeat x2)

Baby you know that you got me trippin',
You see I'm open, baby I'm open.
(repeat to fade)

Outro by puffy:
Bad boy ninety-eight,
And we won't stop,
No, no, no.

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