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Текст песни John Ed Sang Cowpoke

John Ed Sang Cowpoke

When the rodeo was over, we're all go to the room.
We're drink some beer relax awhile and sing some cowboy tunes.
That old guitar we passed around, it was battered, scratched, and
But lord it sounded mighty fine, when john ed sang cowpoke

Ben he'd think of some old tune, and he'd really wail away.
Dunder'd play the spoons and sing until the break of day.
Clyde he'd tell a poem or two and old rich he'd crack a joke.
But damn it nearly make you cry when john ed sang cowpoke

Someday this road I travel, lord I will leave behind.
But memories of the things I've seen will never leave my mind.
On a quiet summer's evening when the sun is sinking low,
I'll think again of days gone by when john ed sang cowpoke.

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