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C : CHRIS LEDOUX : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Western Skies

Western Skies

The nashville friends think iвm strange to make my home out on the range

Think itвs nothin? but a God forsaken land
Why donвt you bring your guitar and family, move on down to tennesse
Well, I just smile because they donвt understand
But if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin?
Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by
Theyвd know why I live beneath these western skies

Verse 2

I got peace of mind and elbow room I love the smell of sage in bloom
Catch a rainbow on my fishin? line
We got county fairs and rodeos, ainвt a better place for my kids to grow

Just turn оem loose in the western summer time
And if you ever held your woman on a summerвs evening
While the prairie moon was blazin? in her eyes
Youвd know why I live beneath these western skies

You ainвt lived until youвve watched those northern lights
Set around the campfire and hear the coyotes call at night
Makes you feel alright

Verse 3

So guess iвll stay right where iвm at, wear my boots and my cowboy hat
But iвll come and see ya once in a while
Iвll bring my guitar and sing my songs, sorry if I donвt stay too long
I love tennessee but ya know itвs just not my style
I gotta be where I can see those rocky mountains
Ride my horse and watch an eagle fly
I gotta live my life and write my songs beneath these western skies

When I die you can bury me beneath these western skies, yippee

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