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C : CHRIS LEDOUX : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Five Dollar Fine

Five Dollar Fine

We're a [c]fun lovin? crowd, kinda [f]rowdy and loud,
Our [c]jukebox won't play no sad [g]songs,
So [c]don't come in here and [f]cry in your beer,
Cause we [c]don't care about [g]who done who [c]wrong.

We got a five dollar fine for whinin?
We'll tell you before you come in.
And if it ain't on your mind to have a good time,
Y'all come back and see us again.

Well, we don't really care about your clothes or your hair,
This party's open to all.
Yah we like a good joke and it's alright to smoke,
We got just one rule on the wall.


Now there's too many fools makin? too many rules,
That's one thing you can't say about us.
Cause we all get along when we sing the same song
There's just one thing that causes a fuss.

Chorus x 2

We've got a five dollar fine for whinin

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