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Текст песни Blue Bonnet Blues

Blue Bonnet Blues

Well, there's a special place in my memory,
Where I keep the pictures of a time an' place I left far behind.
An' I know the years have probably colored the way it really was back
But still...i like to take the memories out an' look at 'em from time to
There's a full moon t'night, on the prarie, a memory just rode into
A boy, a buckskin, an' an ole spangler dawg, in the hills where the blue
Bonnets grew.
Well I was deep in the heart of texas, just a kid 'bout 13 at the time.
Runnin' wild through the mesquite, the cedars and cactus.
It's been years, but your still on my mind.
No matter where I might wander, there's a memeory that I'll never lose.
The lonestar shines bright, in my heart tonight...
I've got the blue bonnet blues...
Well I remember those warm summer evenin's, playin' out under the stars.
Back then I never dreamed we'd be leavin', but I guess things just don't
Stay as they are.
Well the years and the miles came between us, but t'night as i'm
Dreamin' of you.
Once again, I'm a kid, in the sweet arms of texas...
And I've got the blue bonnet blues.
No matter where I might wander, there's a memory that I'll never lose.
'cause the lonestar shines bright in my heart t'night.
I've got the blue bonnet blues...
The lonestar shines bright in my heart t'night...
I've got the blue bonnet blues...

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