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Текст песни Sister Named Desire

Sister Named Desire

Got a sister named desire
They don't let you like those little boys
By their house
On the back yard swing
I know of it cause
I thought we told some little sweet stories
In the parking lot

They say that girl lost her sway
The say that girl lost her sway that day
Mm mm mm mm mm, mm mm

God I'd like to drag him for a long way 'cause maybe i
Then I'd just cry a little tear near him
To that sleepy safe place
And I'm gonna take him by myself if I've got to go
Don't let you know, let you know where she goes to
With those, me as I interfere
That girl lost her sway
They say that girl lost her sway that day

Mm, mm, mm, mm
Teach me about them old worlds big brother
And in an elevator
Where somebody can get out
With the sound
They say that girl lost her sway
Just watch it
Just watch it slip through my hands, boy
Watch it go
Oh, what you know, ooh

I guess
I see
Just see
'cause she still can sway
Na na na na na na
Na na na

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