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T : TORI AMOS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни On The Boundary

On The Boundary

You said you wanted
Safer ground
But you got caught up
In the river
I was there to
Save you boy
But you'd rather drown

You said you were
But that was alright
Better than not knowin'
What's on
The other side

And you know
I was always there
For you
And you know
I always believed
In you
I guess that wasn't

On the boundary
On the boundary baby
On the boundary
Don't you need my love
You won't even let me
Keep you from fallin'
From the boundary
That divides our love

I gave you
A kingdom
That you could be
Lord in
And we both know
You loved the
Taste of my world
But you can back
To your corner
Where you trip
Over your lines
Look left, look right
No room to hide

Repeat chorus

I guess that wasn't enough
I guess I wasn't enough

Repeat chorus

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