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Текст песни Frog on My Toe

Frog on My Toe

Poppa I know
There's a frog on my toe
Maybe I'll call him jethro
Maybe I'll grow up to be
As wise, good as he
And maybe I'll come back after you're long gone

Poppa I'm sure
The worms have eaten you now
And jethro's been on some frenchy's plate long ago
Now I'm pretty sure that I listen to every word
'cause I still hear you telling me still

Slap them boys when they're naughty
Make 'em crawl, make you haughty

Make you strong, little girl
You paint them toes the reddish colour
And you know one day
You're gonna be bigger than a flea
You're gonna be bigger than that old poison ivy tree

Now I'm pretty sure
That I think you'd come and visit
And talk sometimes kind of like gidget
A funny little chance like an indian brave
He said we all grew fat when the white man came
But one day girl you're gonna learn to make 'em crawl
Make 'em grow tall
But have the grace
To be a lady with disgrace
And you fry them 'taters
And you make them with ladies, hands
I know you're my pappy's baby

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