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Текст песни Rose on Wood

Rose on Wood

Why did you fall for an innocent?
An innocent like me?
Why did you fall for an innocent?
An innocent like me?

I know nothing will ever be
'cos like, we don't give nothing away

Call what you [crib] boy
But it's, it's not what you need
I know it's, it's not what you need
From a girl like me
Oh, and I wish that you could come in boy
And make me smile like rose on wood
It would be nice to take
A fortune from your flesh
And make it good
Make it really good

Why do the sonnets stake my heart?
I'm sworn to kiss and tell
I'm sworn to take the rose
Outta your hands and mould
My lies around you
Not being fickle
Or breaking this song
I made the sweetest thing you ever see

But I want to shake the world
And leave them standing
Not a queue for frivolity


Wasted my time
Like [oil/all] rich sons
Like [oil/all] rich sons should do
Like [oil/all] rich sons
Oh, the hours are all gone
The hours are all gone

There's nothing wrong with a picture palace
A thousand knives have been drawn in
But I'm a dreamer with iron intent
And for pure cosmetics I could not care


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