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T : TANITA TIKARAM : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни It's Too Late

It's Too Late

You pace the pool and talk about it
I read my book and think about it
You've walked on water
As I'm turning the page
You say, what's the intrigue here...
In reading when the sky is clear?
You are in the sun
And I am always in the shade

It's too late to leave you
You know that I will never leave you
It's too late to know you
You don't like to be known
You would never hold me
I don't like to be held
I will always love you
In spite of myself

I can feel the weather changing
The leaves are tired and turned with anger
They fall around us like a veil
Of golden tears
You have never needed me
And I'm not good at being needed
This season will be leaving us
But we will still be here

(repeat chorus)
Do you miss me when I'm far away?
Do you save me for your rainy days?
Is my picture on the mantle...
Or is it in the fire?
It's odd the way the years fly by
They leave us standing side by side
You have been my mystery
And I've been your desire

(repeat chorus)

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