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Текст песни In Your Time

In Your Time

I worry about the future
We had such a beautiful past
Rememeber when I heard your laughter?
Didn't you promise it will always last?

There's no one to feel your sleeplessness
There's no one to steal your heart
Just give me your hand past midnight
And we'll keep on falling apart (yeah)
Falling apart

In your time
You might need somebody
In your time
You might need someone

Before now
Now the music's changing
Oh for now
We can wait for you
We can wait for you

The closer you get to believing
The more that you got nothing to say
So maybe our senses are cheating us
But I still see a better day

As the sunlight hits the morning
Where are the clouds to share your pain?
Now all is held in the memory
I bet you're glad you came
Bet you're glad you came

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