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Текст песни Missed You

Missed You


Hey pal, let me lean on you and talk awhile
Your planes been delayed by the rain
Or something
I wouldn't even fly away
If I had one good reason to stay
But you said
If you don't need my love
I'm gonna find someone who does
And I'm not hanging around
This old heart is far to proud

She got tired of me
Staying out late everynight
I'd fall up the stair
Thought she'd always be there
But suddenly I'm alone
And I'm not accustomed to sleeping alone

She said if you don't need my love
I'm gonna find someone who does
You've stripped me of everything
And you've torn down all my dreams

Its been two long weeks
Since she's been gone
Thought I had her in the palm of my hands
She said I'm through, don't try to call me
Cause you won't even find me
Cause if you don't need my love
I'm going to find someone who does
And the heartache you've give me
You'll get it back just wait and see

Well, well, well, well
I'd give anything to hold her in my bed again
I just wanna feel her breath on my back
She said my blood can't give her love
No way

She said if you don't need my love
I'm gonna find someone who does
And I'm gonna take our child
Cause I don't want him running wild

Hey pal, I think they just called out your flight
Put down your glass don't forget your boarding pass
And if your looking or you found love
Or sunshine thats enough
Don't play hard to get
Cause that ain't where it's at
Give her all your love
Place her high above

I missed you baby
I missed you baby
Yea I missed

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