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Текст песни Around The Plynth

Around The Plynth

(rod stewart, ron wood)

Woken up on mornings such as this
And thought exactly the same as I'm thinking now.
Every night for a year I've slept alone.
Cold damp room looks worse than me, no no no

Got a fear of death that creeps on every night.
I know I won't die soon, but then again I might,
Water down the drain, I'm wasting away.
And doctors can't help me a ghost of a man that's me, no no

Water down the drain goes to the sea,
The pattern of my life keeps a-haunting me.
Moisture from the ocean fills the sky,
Come on down to the ground as the time goes by, no no no no no

Slow down there

I never found out the reason why
Why my parents had to lie
About the place that I was born
And from my hometown I was torn
At the tender age of four
I was livin' by a homemade law

I never knew when it was to be laid
My desires are never displayed
I never knew what it was to be loved
I never knew what it was to be laid
I never knew what it was to win
I never knew what it was to be loved, nonono

Ah, get on up there

I never knew what it was to be loved
I never knew what it was to be laid

Slow down there

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