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Текст песни Cloud Nine[Doin' Fine]

Cloud Nine[Doin' Fine]

Darling part of my life it wasn't very pretty. see, I was born and raised
In the slums of the city.it was a 1 room shack and slept 10 other children
Beside me.we hardly had enough food or room to sleep. it was hard times. i
Needed some thing to ease my troubled mind.

Listen, my father didn't know the meaning of work. he disrespected mama and
Treated us like dirt.i left home seeking a job that I never did find.depressed
And down hearted I took to cloud nine.
I'm doin fine, up here, on cloud nine. listen 1 more time, I'm doin fine, up
Here, on cloud nine.

Folks down there tell me, they say give your self a chance son don't let life
Pass you by,but the world of reality is a rat race where only the strongly
Survive.it's a dog-eat-dog world and that ain't no lie. it ain't even safe no
More, to walk the streets at night.
I'm doin fine, on cloud nine.

Let me tell you about cloud nine. cloud nine, you can be what you want to
Be,(cloud nine)you ain't got no responsibilities,and every man,every man is
Free (cloud nine) your a million miles from reality, reality I wanna say upper,
Higher,upper, up, up and away.

I wanna say I love the life I live, and I'm gonna live the life I love, up here
On cloud nine.

I, i, i, i, i, I'm riding high on cloud nine.

Your as free as a bird in flight, (cloud nine)there's
No difference between day and night (cloud nine)it's a world of love and
Harmony, (cloud nine) your a million miles from reality,reality wonna say
Upper,higher,upper, up,up and away. cloud nine you can be what you wanna
Be,(cloud nine)you ain't got no responsibilities,(cloud nine)every man and his
Mind is free,your a million miles from reality, you can be what you wanna be.
I'm feelin fine on cloud nine.

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