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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : He Got Game

He Got Game
Текст песни What You Need is Jesus

What You Need is Jesus

Now here's the pop
Turn around jumper
Hits the rim
Bounce away
The new slave trade

Man child
6 feet 5
But juvenile
Thin line between gettin bucks
And gettin wild
Brooklyn style
100,000 miles
Parquet tiles
Leavin ankles broke in a pile
Son gotta ticket to fly
He can make it if he try
To the sky like a coney island ride
Gettin pages from his super agent
Community rages
At the clout
Of the cagers
No doubt
Center stages, madd phases
Front behind crazes
Flippin thru the faces
Paper chases
Love in many places
Pros and cons/flict between the races
He hold the rock
Cold from sweat shops
Gone the set shot
Replaced by sex shops
The highest bidder
No room for the quitter
Game seven tickets
Under counterfeiters
3 cities a week
Droppin needles like the black beatles
Take heed/what you need is

Track my pitch up
Never switch up
Smacked the back ups
Packed them pick ups
Ressurection of the two-man vocal section
The spirit in your dark ass direction
Duckin them spray ups
On my way
What I thought be lay ups
War under battle boards
A thousand one push ups
Here marks the return of them
Roosevelt rough riders risin
Chargin hard/from the point guard
Watch what you pray for
But know the team that you play for
Need I say more
Scared of the ressurection
Sacrifice yall
Maybe the revolution is basketball
Generanges which means
Rearranged generations
Stuck on playstations
Them the new plantations
I said a million heads
Waitin for another nations
To make your world be free
No shoppin sprees
Ain't no stoppin me
Heres da feed not the weed
Got the seed...god speed
....what you need is


Sticky d
Give you fits/ on them
Comin and goin like flicks
Hear them nets rip
At the butcher
Gettin all the chips
Musta been a road trip
Against the knicks
On tv
Showcasin kicks
Must be the fame
Cause his video
Gettin all the chicks
Woke on a replay on monday
Sports center highlights
Last second steal
Keep em real

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