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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : He Got Game

He Got Game
Текст песни Unstoppable


Krs-one verse

What do you want
What do you need
What will you find
Don't be afraid
Don't fall asleep
Open ya mind
I hope this rhyme
Gets you in time and space
Come to a different place
Where you here spiritual
Lyrical knowledge
In your face...to face
Like welfare
In these rappers lyrics
They need help there
Does krs represent heaven
Hell yeah
Let me take you elsewhere
Where you stand there's
A curse there, for sure
Unless your mature
Grow up if you're immature
Then ya livin sinister
Your reject the words
Of the minister
You better get wit your
Koran or bible
You won't be livin long
If ya livin idle
The teacha that's my title
Shakin it up wakin it up
Makin it up breakin it up
Taken it up higher no liar
You can't deny tha public enemy
With the public enema
I get's way up in buttock
My stuff rock I rocks cause
This hip hop
The long laster
Chuck d wit blast murderer
I know you heard a
The word I be swirvin and servin ya
Alert ya while splurt the
Divine speech
Slow the party down so
I can spi-dit to each I teach
Mystic lyric don't stop
Git it git it you betta hear it
Battle? quit it

Public enemy on the disc
Runnin the game
Chuck and chris
Bet you didn't know they had griff
You don't wanna take the risk

Chuck verse

Can a black headed stepchild
Run da mile
Forever like a juvenile
To stay alive
Survivin in a freestyle
Yo hold it down
Walkin on the wildside
To live and die
Damn another slow song
Yo money put the record
Back the fuck on
No respect for the usual suspects
Madd teens pourin fire
On the gasoline
The beat fiends
Feelin like fever I'm gettin warm
Chalkmarks in the rainstorm
Children of the gone
Lost and forgotten minds rotten
The arcade shot em
Channel zero on
The tv got em
If you don't love yourself
You can't love nobody
If you don't know yourself
Then you nobody
Do your thing no bang
In the same damn gang
I never sang I'm back
But I transcend slang
Silence in the face
Of violent crews
My rhymes and news be
Blacker than most blues
Troublin it all come tumblin
For the strugglin
Daily operation
Causin mental violation
Minds on vacation
In the middle of revelations is a nation

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