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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : He Got Game

He Got Game
Текст песни Shake Your Booty

Shake Your Booty

Uh, uh, keep it goin
Yea, whatever

[flavor flav]
Now, now, now
Now this is that fly shit, the do or die shit
Made shit, platinum shit that make you so sick
Flavor flav ? time ticks, just count the six to eight figures?
? shut em down at the ritz
Thinkin of grits, kibbles 'n bits, now I'm in the mix
Flav be doin just like this
Off the meat rack, got my money stacked
Blow out your back, no fakin jacks
Kid relax, honey I shrunk the kids
Flipped your wig, on top of the world like 'pac and big
Flavor flav still stay jig
Takin a swing, knock you out like shannon briggs
Up on your block, money bustin out my socks
Yo I'm in it for life, I'm takin a piece of the rock
Flavor flav got a lot, so you know I can't stop
In ninety-eight I'm livin on large estates boy!

Chorus: *sung*

Flavor flav shake yo' booty
Get rich, do your dance, it's your duty
Stack paper, and let's get crazy
Throw your hands in the air then be swayze
(repeat 2x)

[flavor flav]
Check out my girls, check out my girls
Sing that shit g, sing that shit g!

Give me the night, like george benson
And have fun, this jam is number one
We gonna party til it's done, me and dr
Goin real far
In a black car, fat two-seater
Rich like kedar, on my def jam's
Let's see how the ball bounce
I'ld lampin, so you know I can't fall
From strong island, still buckwhylin, stylin
Profilin, eatin at city island
Now you know the real score, flavor's raw
Catch me on tour, makin mad moves for sure
Hittin chicks like galore, we're gonna dance
Til we shake the floor, I know you party people want more


[flavor flav]
Word up yo
Ha ha, tsk tsk tsk
Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, ha hah
Ohh shit, sing it y'all!

(shake it) c'mon, sing it!
(shake it, shake it like ya want) sing it again, c'mon!
(shake it) let em hear you
(shake it, shake it like ya want) yo this is fly, it's fly, it's fly
(shake it) yo it's blazin
(shake it, shake it like ya want) all this shit is hot
(shake it) hot hot hot!
(shake it, shake it like ya want) hot hot hot hot!!!

First of all, flav never get stuck
Still wear my jewels that's trunk
Can't mess with the cash that's bad enough tryin to set me up
Get me messed up in the game, what's my name?
Watch me flame to the billboard spot
I'm hot hot hot, on mtv bet
The way you see me, v.i.p.
Don't try to make history
Stay loyal to fam p.e., ?
Nigua, burn your face with a ciggerua

Chorus 2x

[flavor flav]
Yeah that's right, two-zero-zero-zero
I know it's hot son, it's blazin
We gon' take this shit
We gon' flip it to the moon
Yaknowhati'msayin? and we gonna flip it off the moon
Back to new york, and flip it down broadway
Yaknowhati'msayin? all the way down to hot 97
And we gock it like this, like this yaknowhati'msayin?
Terminator x!!
Ha hah, let me hear that one more time, one more time
Terminator x!!

One more time, one more time, terminator x!

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