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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : Greatest Misses

Greatest Misses
Текст песни Hit Da Road Jack

Hit Da Road Jack

Ridenhour - k. shocklee - gary g-wiz
I remember when us blacks
Were on our backs
Across tracks
Where we live
Now we packin' in cadillacs
Or pontiac if you know
What I'm sayin'
Po' old nigg thinks it's a caddy
And now he's playin' mack daddy
But that's all right I blame it
All on jack
Who's jack you ask me
You say, I say it every time
But the rhyme goes
Into your head down to your toes
And you missed me
Play it off like a diss, yo
Let's go & diss the
Wick wick wack
Wiggedy whack in fact
I'm sayin' hit the road hack
For the hook
I'll play it by the book
For the track
I'll bring it back
Look out: hit the road jack

Black is black
White is white
That's all right
If you're right
That's all right
No need to fight, yo
Much respect if your nature's in check
A little
If not expect me to cock a doodle do
A riddle
Just actin' cracka proves to be a
Killer to me like I refuse to be a negro
But we grow to be people
But our color had 'em playin' us out
Like we was cinderella
But if you take it & break it down
Full of noise but jack & his boys
Keep doin' what they wanna do
But hear me out
Jack goes under color
To kill one another
'cause some blacks act devil too
And if you see him
You can tell by his act
Not his word but his deed
And we bleed all because of that
Lifestyle of a dirty rat
And if you act like that
Step back & hit the road jack

Not jack the ripper
Or the jack of spades
I'm not jackin' for beats
Let's get jack the raper
Mothers cried while forefathers died
From the whip
And not a bit ever made the paper
When I come they all
Run & hide
And they quit
And yell loud
Here he come wit' dat black s--t
I'm thru wit jack
Bein' the quarterback of the scene
He's played out like bell-bottom jeans
I took a line from the main source
For that
I know they feel the same
Thank you
Hit da road jack

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