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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : Greatest Misses

Greatest Misses
Текст песни Air Hoodlum

Air Hoodlum

Ridenhour - gary g-wiz - dr. treble - mr. bass

Risen up in the 'velt
Strong island new york
The 'hood in case
You did not know my base
There was a ballplayer
Who has all the skillz
Wit' the pill
To pay the piper
Plus all the bills
Mack the awesome game
Practiced in the heat
In the rain or in pain
Mick so quick 6 foot 6
Down to be picked
By anyone but the celtics
Oh what a handle
Could score from the floor
Wit' people hangin' on 'em
Pr even hangin' on 'em
But what he did best above all the rest was...

Grades 9 & 10
Mickey mack was all dat
But in class his ass
Sat way in the back
How I know 'cause I know
I used to flow wit' the bro
He didn't mind I used
To read him his own headlines
'cause he could not read 'em
His school wouldn't need 'em
If the lines wouldn't've went like dis
Mickey mack
Jumped over the candle stick
And stacked
Was his stats
But his d was still wack
Grades 11 & 12
He found the wrong clientele
And all

During class he would dribble
In the hall
But he got in trouble
In school but the trouble was
It was cool
If your brain was just another bubble
As long as he could
Score fiddy 2
Get 33 re-bounds
Fuckin' around
Teams lost to 'em
He went right thru 'em
Division, county, state
That's 3 count 'em
For a small town bro
That's bound to go pro

S.a.t.'s didn't matter
'cause he waz
All dat
You know the pat on the back
He was always in da news
You gotta know what it means
It means revenue
And I'm tellin' you
I saw cars and geez
Some to our school please approach
Hell wit' the principal
Where is da coach
Went to college four years
Wit' a scholarship
And came back wit' a championship
But when it came to his life
He didn't care
'cause he took it to the air

The fall begun
When mickey mack fell
Hell ripped his knee
Drafted last by personnel
Oh how, he loved the game
It was fantastic
Until he was cut 'n' couldn't stick
Times got tighter & tighter
He had an attitude
Was rude so he turned
Into a fighter

School wouldn't give
Him a job that he needed
Assistant to the assistant coach
They didn't need it
The he resorted to a
Stick up kid - ski mask & gatt
But this game he wasn't good at
And the drugs on the side
Police ambushed his ride
Bang it was
Another homicide
He was ghost you know
Hometown hero
But now he's zero
To those hypocrites
Who ripped him blind
For his skills
Without the will to develop his mind
Forever in the news
The community views
Him only as air hoodlum

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