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P : PUBLIC ENEMY : Greatest Misses

Greatest Misses
Текст песни Megablast


Ridenhour - drayton - shocklee

Time is gettin' crazy - people clockin' out
They're robbin' all the cribs on death wish route
Breakin' into cars trying to steal their system
20 pounds on the bar, betcha can't lift 'em
Ya throw two punches, now you got no wind
Hittin' mega pipes, gettin' super stupid thin
Smokin' all the squares and crying all the tears
Cause you're workin' for ya boy, came short and full of swears
Ya couldn't make the money cause ya smoked up all the product
Walkin' round town, skeptalepsy illaroduct
Can't be trusted cause you're living in the past
Ya should have kept yo ass away from that blast
Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please
Just give me just one more hit (x8)
I got a homeboy who is out on the block
He sells mo crack than they sell fish at the dock
He runs to every car, thinkin' he's a star
He gets his product snatched by some people in a car
The car pulls off as he hungs onto the side
Of the car that is in motion, guess his product took a ride
He tried to sell a demon for a thirty dollar bill
Fake gold plate on the back, no frills
Fake hawaiian suit, scratched up knees
In his fridgerator, bread, water, cheese
An antique fork, how long will it last?
We'll see in twelve minutes when he wants the blast
Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please
Just give me just one more hit (x8)

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