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Текст песни Five Minutes

Five Minutes

You look so disbelieving
At my suitcase by the door
My taxi's on its' way here
I can't take it anymore

Lately you've forgotten
What loving me is about
Well, now you've got five minutes
To figure it out

You've got five minutes
To tell me what I've needed ot hear
You've got five minutes
To get me to believe you're sincere
That's not much time to change my mind
It'll take a miracle no doubt
And you've got five minutes
To figure it out

Now I've got your attention
Here's what I've got to say
You'd better do some talking
'cause my taxi's on its' way

We used to set the nights on fire
Now everything is the same
But you've got five minutes
To kindle the flame

Repeat chorus

You can start with please don't leave me
And end with I love you
And if you'd only kiss me
The way you used to do
You could see a miracle come true

Repeat chorus

You've still got five minutes
Oh, honey, you've got five minutes
Come on and figure it out.

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