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Текст песни Trainwreck of Emotion

Trainwreck of Emotion

I see it all so clearly as i´m looking back
I was headed down the wrong way on a one-way track
There must be a million chances that a fool could take
This fool took every one and never hit the brakes


Now i´m lying in the rubble, cinder, smoke and ash
My heart still pounding from the impact of the crash
I can see tomorrow´s headlines
Heartbroke from blind devotion
Just another victim of a
Trainwreck of emotion

We were burning like a furnace as she poured on the coal
Drive wheel churning, I mean love was in a roll
Faster and faster I swear we left the ground
But when the smoke had cleared she was nowhere around

Repeat chorus

The rumors are flying ´bout how our love could fail
But I know it was her that pulled the switch
And left me derailed
Repeat chorus

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