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Текст песни I'm Not That Easy to Forget

I'm Not That Easy to Forget

You think when you walk out that door
You'll never think about me anymore
So sure that you got it all figured out

You always forgot my birthday
You never could remember my dog's name
And there's one more thing you forgot


I'm not that easy to forget
Someday you'll wake up and regret
You ever let me get away
I'll be on your mind night and day
I'm not the kind of girl you leave
And simply walk away scot free
You don't believe it yet
But I'm not that easy to forget

I'm not gonna stand in your way
I'll even help you pack your suitcase
I wouldn't want to keep you from leaving town

But as sure as you're crossing that line
One day I'll be crossing your mind
It'll hit you hard when the truth comes down

Repeat chorus

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