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L : LISA STANSFIELD : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Without a Word to Say

Without a Word to Say


Now you leave me grounded, without a word to say
Once when I was bounded by you, I seemed to do thing my way
Now I'm always thinking of you, wondering what to do next time
Now I'll follow you to the end, and that's no crime

When you feel it coming inside
When you feel it coming inside

Will this love be lasting, I hope you know it does
Knowing you might care about me, it reassures me some
I can't always make you happy, this is why I find it hard
But I'll still go along with the plan, with the plot


What happens now, now that I'm happy
Will you turn round, turn me away
What happens when, when you've outgrown me
Will you come back, come back to stay

Chorus and fade

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