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L : LISA STANSFIELD : Без сортировки

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Текст песни More Than Love

More Than Love

(d. pickerill/p. o'donoughue)

On a warm summer morning
The sun's hurting their eyes
No one is listening
'cos they're telling lies
Then they walk along the beach
Sun rising on the shore
As it moves across the sky
A scene from a film, as time goes by
It's much more than love
This feeling is stronger
Than any they've known before
Can it go on any longer
It's much more than love
It's a spell that they're under
It's hurting their hearts again
They can't go on any longer

He says, it's alright
She's not too sure
Just who are we, hear her
Crying out for more
Trying to make it work
They won't mind laughter now
Some kissing distant waves
As she leaves him with a smile


They've got to take their time
To fight to keep their love alive
They've got to take their time
To fight to keep their love alive

Chorus (x2)

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