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Текст песни Only Love

Only Love

(d. pickerill/p. o'donoughue)

A lonely day can make you cry
The phone won't ring, you wonder why
The mail is late, and you can't wait
And then you know, and then you know
Only love can break your heart
Pull you down, tear you apart
Only love can make you blue
That is all love can do

You walk alone with an aching heart
Wonder how you'll make a start
A brand new day while he's away
And then you know, and then you know

Don't be a fool, life's not that bad
Remember good times you once had
Another day (from an attractive play? )
And then you know, and then you know


You took a chance and it didn't last
No point in living in the past
So make the break, enjoy your mistakes
And then you know, and then you know

Chorus (x3)

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