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Текст песни Love/hate


I am so in love
I am so in hate
I just can't comprehend it
You get me so high
You get me so low
I can't show what I'm feelin
Never was the type
To let someone like
You get under my skin
Tried like hell
But you don't care for real
You stepped on my feelings

See I love to love you boy
And I love to hate you
But I got to let you know
I'm a have to let you go

Love to feel the love
Love to heal from pain
Is there really a difference
Wonder who is right
Wonder who is wrong
I'm just feelin some tension
You can't compromise
We can't coincide
We should really be chillin
Cause I've wasted so much time
Love is on the line
I've made my decision

It's useless to try and work things out
Don't need all of the stress
You're not worth it
I'm tired of all the ups and downs
So goodbye I'm leavin
Made up my mind


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