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Текст песни Heaven


I wanna love together, kissing and
Touching feels better
Now that I have, have you, I couldn't ask
For nothing more

Like a misty breeze on a summer day
Or the warmth of sun after rain, you,
Always seem to balance me with your love
If you're far away I want you near might sound cliche'
But my words are so sincere can't you
Taste the joy inside my tears (I'm so in love)

I have found love's treasure in this ocean of
And now that I have, have you, I won't
Search for anything more

Ooh love, what have you done to me
This crazy feeling I can't describe it feels like love,
It must be love, it must be love
Feels like snow caressing mountaintops
When I see your eyes from afar
All I can do is run wit open arms
And love with all I got, I feel so at home
When we're alone oh...

Love, when I'm in your arms
Feels like I'm melting into you
You keep me so warm
Ooh I feel so high above
Caught a glimpse of heaven in your eyes
Thanks for showing me love (you love so good)

Baby we will grow together, this is a joint
And ther's nothing I'd rather see. than
The love in your eyes for me
Cause this feeling is so surreal, you touch
Me places I didn't feel
I used won't but now I will trust in love
I'm elated and overjoyed, over this
Connection between a girl and boy
I was empty till you filled the void, I'm so in love

Hook repeats till fade

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