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Текст песни Simply Deep

Simply Deep

Is anybody home in there?
I unexpectedly dropped by your heart
I simply wanted you to hear
The cry of my loves never ending start
Impossible escaping you
And circumstances never stand a chance
So intrigued by the things you do

'cause through my eyes I vision you
Your love protects my every move
O o o ohhhh
And my life sways to your heart beat
My everlasting love is simply deep

Each second spent is timeless
When I'm with you time seems to take a rest
No routine's ever lay with us,
Cause everything is new when you're in love
I'm so delighted you feel the same
You say with me you're never liable to pain
Never love another again


As i
Lay here in the midst of ongoing creation,
Me as a whole
Can only think of you
And you
Breathe the air that surrounds the every move I run
And I never sleep
Without endless dreams
Of love so simply deep
Between you and me

Chorus 2x

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