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J : JON B. : Bonafide

Текст песни Overflow


There's many tears and sad love songs
For all those who lost to love (yes)
Nobody seems to know why we do what we do
To each other when the times get rough (yes)
I thought that love was plain and simple
But oh what a lie
I've been counting on the one that I love
It's not that love breaks your heart
You know love don't love nobody
I guess the level that loved was too much

Ooh, I didn't know
Not to let my love overflow
Noo, I didn't know
Not to let my love overflow

You see there's not many ways around the mountain
For all those who choose to climb
Sometimes it feels like no matter how far I get
The distance is all up to time
See I gave my love my only faith
But oh what a shame
I felt wealthy with my bag of fools' gold
And there's a point when you know
That love's off the tracks
When the train stops 'cause the engine's too cold

Don't wanna say I lost my faith in love
No, I don't wanna say I've given up on my dreams
I believe in everlasting love, yes I do
Just give it to me, what I want
‘cause it1s only you

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