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J : JON B. : Bonafide

Текст песни Mystery 4 Two

Mystery 4 Two

So I guess tonight kinda had that flow
I head you say go for what you knnow
So I took upon the thought of meating you at 12:00
For a private little rendezvous
At first I didn't catch your name
Curiosity causing me pain
And the only thing to do
Is to get to know you better
With you timid little easy sway

If love stains my mind
With the ebony you
And these words seem like lines
Let the truth cut through
'cause I fantisize reality with you
Open my eyes for the mystery of me and you

Ooh me and you
Mystery 4 two
Ooh me and you
Mystery 4 two

I guess the night kinda had that flow
Mr. moon in the sky hung low
And I saw your face
Pretty dressed in lace
And I didn't know what to say
Honey baby you just stood there
Just kicking with that stare
And I stood fighting with my instincts
But the fight is not fair

If love stains my mind with the vision of you
Please rewind it, make this moment be true
'cause I can1t stop thinking about you, oh
The myterious you

We can make love under the stars
Baby it doesn't mater where we are
Honey me and you, we can make it through
This mystery
(repeat & chorus)

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