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J : JON B. : Bonafide

Текст песни Gone Before Light

Gone Before Light

Well after the party's over
Black limosines they gather round
Our stance, our secret romance (we are having)
Nobody knows your with me
Cause you're a stranger to that world within me
So you said so softly on the stranger's bed

No I could never imagine your lips being that red
The smell of wine is on your breath
I trip out when I think of the things we did
I wish I never, I wish I never did

Oh special baby (oh special baby)
I'm so sorry lady, come into my life
(so sorry laby)
(come into my life)
Forever seemed to be one night
Oh special baby (oh special baby)
I'm so sorry lady, came into my life
(came into my love and you were gone before light)

Well after the morining's over
Feeling so bad and sober
I don't care cause you're not there
(you1re not there)
Feeling the fire withing me
The pulse of last night's heart beat
Still echoes within me
I can feel your skin

No I could never imagine a love affair like this
So secretive when we're both kissing
When I'm with you baby
'cause you're a special lady

(moved in some sense of direction towards you...
You called my name and I knew that was you in the corner
With the cognac eyes and a body that seduced me
And I said...)

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