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J : JAYHAWKS : Sound of Lies

Sound of Lies
Текст песни Trouble


Trouble, that's what we had
And everything that goes around
Comes around in a bittersweet lament
Well my heart's already broken down
Looking for a sweeter sound
Looking for a brighter day
I'm face down on the pavement
Step aside, see the light, close your eyes
And let us live our lives
As the rally Ў®round the sinking ship
Looking for a better way
It was just the blind leading the blind

Oooh, yeah
I got my feet back on the ground
It's better than being alone
It's better than being alone
Funny, we tried it all
Standing on the brink
Looking down, down, down
There's a little bit of truth in every lie
You were so above us all
It was just the blind leading the blind


We were stranded on the vine
Destitute and shaken
Looking for a sign
Left hung out to dry
Our backs against the wall
Stoned out of our minds


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