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J : JAYHAWKS : Sound of Lies

Sound of Lies
Текст песни Haywire


Billy was a vampire
Carving out an empire
Strolling pirates' alley in the middle of the night

Buy a round of cocktails
Spinning sordid fables in the twilight
That's all right

Scattered words that matter
It's a disaster in the making
Take the time to smell the leaves beneath the trees
( smile, smile, smile)
That's all right

My whole life has gone haywire
I'm just a blade bending in your shade
For your love I'm a vampire
Strolling the ways of esplanade

I headed up to pittsburgh
Heard you could get a pretty God sandwich
For fifteen and a dime
Ooh, what I miss that old stretch of road
Down to the bayou
In the middle of the night

Guilt by association
The mere smell of speculation conjures up for hell
That's all right
Feel the touch of oil from the tankers upon the breeze
( smile, smile, smile)
Yeah, that's all right


That's my whole life in a nutshell
Take it as you will
I can hear that old brass band
Playing our song down the hill
That's all right

Won't you smile, smile, smile. that's all right
Won't you smile, smile, smile. that's all right

Won't you smile the smile
That fills the room with an independent light
But that's all right
(repeat 4 times - fade)

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