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J : JAYHAWKS : Sound of Lies

Sound of Lies
Текст песни Bottomless Cup

Bottomless Cup

Walk me to the bus
Tell me it's all right
Talk the man out of
The first drink and drive
Rock away my terror
After I burn the place down
But you know
The years make things different
If you go
The bottomless cup runs out
You never gave up on me

I think I let you down
I could use you around, use you right now
There's nothing quite like the sound of
Your voice in the evening
Calling my name
It's getting late

I used to say I love you
A hundred times a day
What ya gonna say
When you learn they turned me

The day is gonna come
For something to take you
But it's clear
Nothing comes near to you
When we go
I lower my sights
You never gave up on me


But I can't wait
To get on back
No, I can't wait
To get on back
I can't wait
Get back
I'll take it back (*4)
It back

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