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G : GOLDEN SMOG : Down by The Old Mainstream

Down by The Old Mainstream
Текст песни He's a Dick

He's a Dick


I once knew a guy
Who always asked for money
I'd give him 10, he'd insist on 20
And now when I see him around
His face is always pointed down at the ground

All I wanna know
Is why he is such a prick
Please tell so I know what makes guys like him tick
He's such a dick

He wanted to borrow some records from my collection
On no return, I felt the rejection
And now, when I see him in town
Same way as always, his head is towards the ground


Unsatisfied, a word he often uses is need
He is usually really wired on that cheap trucker speed
Last time he was at my house, he tried to walk away with my weed
Jeff plays bass, mark and I play rhythm
Dan and gary play lead

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