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G : GOLDEN SMOG : Down by The Old Mainstream

Down by The Old Mainstream
Текст песни Ill Fated

Ill Fated


Wasn't much of a union
Denial and confusion
Meant something to you, I bet you would have stayed
Stumbled on some good times
Turned them into land mines
You know you can turn the other way

You say you've been meaning
To sort through all your demons
If there's some room, are you gonna let me in?
You've been hung dry by your close friends
Your inner child's an orphan
You're so far down, you don't know where you been

So many things you don't know
If you want me to leave, just say so

It's the kind of thing I like
Curse cast in the night
So ill fated
So ill fated

Goodbye with reservations
Regrets and salutations
Something in there somewhere that I didn't say
It's you I think of only
Whenever you get lonely
An' I got more than years to give away
I've been dying to start living
You're just living to be dying
We can't seem to find no common ground
You hate me when I'm lonely
I'm lonely when you hate me
Mostly I'm just there to kick around

Soaring high and low
First to leave, last to know


It's the kind of thing I like
Curse cast in the night
So ill fated

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